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One concern of many homeowners before they hire a house cleaning service is the safety of their pets.  Our company AmericanHouseCleaning.com, a cleaning service in San Francisco, proceeds with caution in regards to the safety of your pets when we come to clean your home.  We want to make sure that our clients and their pets are taken care of properly.

house cleaning with pets

 We use eco-friendly house cleaning products to help maintain a healthier environment for you, your family and even your pets when we visit your home.  The products we use are made using acceptable production methods that are naturally produced, are safe, don’t use harmful toxins.   AmericanHouseCleaning.com chooses to only use eco friendly cleaning products, because they don’t negatively effect our environment, they don’t damage our respiratory systems when using them, and they even smell better that other substances that use harsh chemicals. 

AmericanHouseCleaning.com advises clients to move cages or aquariums to a certain room if necessary while cleaning is in progress. Also, place any cats, dogs or animals in a safe area  away from where the maids are cleaning so as to not disturb the pets. This should be done to make sure pets will not be distracted by the buzz of the equipment as the cleaning proceeds.

Of course,  we realize that some homeowners may house special or rare animals as their pets, which may not be covered by the list of animals that are known to be safe from the fumes or scent of cleaning products.  In such cases, it is appreciated if clients advise to our house cleaning service of the special needs of their pets such as sensitivity to certain substances.  In that manner, the cleaning service can prepare accordingly and be ready with contingent measures when the cleaning process begins.             

There is really no reason for clients to be concerned for their pets wellbeing from the products we use.  AmericanHouseCleaning.com, a cleaning service in San Francisco follows a high degree of environmental compliance with regards to the substances and equipment used.  We can do our work with your pets around and leave your residence looking clean and fresh without harmful micro-organisms not only for humans but also for the creatures that liven up your homes. 


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