When you make a choice to use Eco friendly cleaning products, you are making a choice to preserve our environment. Most proper Eco friendly cleaning products are made using acceptable production methods that are naturally produced, are safe, don’t use toxins, and only use biodegradable products. American HouseCleaning, a San Francisco Maid Service, helps save our environment by only using these eco friendly products. Chemical cleaning products, or cleaning products that are not eco friendly, contain ingredients that are toxic, non-biodegradable, and originate from non-renewable sources like petroleum.  Chemical cleaning products badly affect our environment and everyone living in it.

Because chemical cleaning substances are not biodegradable they end up accumulating causing a lot of harm to our planet.  This accumulation of toxic waste can also bring deadly diseases to both plants and animals.

American HouseCleaning chooses to only use eco friendly cleaning products, because they don’t harm our environment, they don’t harm our respiratory systems when using them or being around them, and they even smell better that chemical cleaning substances!  We want to ensure the wellbeing of our employees, our clients, and their pets.

So, vow to protect your family, friends, pets, and our environment at large by choosing our San Francisco Maid Service. Our Eco friendly cleaning products will make your home or office safe and clean, as they should always be.